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Quote of the Day

“All you liberals can kiss my ass.”

-Heard at work, completely out of the blue. Not directed at anyone in particular.


The Truth on: Working with the public.

Here’s the truth on working with the public. They suck. They suck a lot.

It’s been suggested that teenagers, for one year after high school, should perform acts of public service. I think that everyone should instead be required to spend a year dealing with the public. I think everyone would be a lot nice over the phone if they had to be on the recieving end of mean-ness.

Confessions: I can eat an entire box of cinnamon graham crackers in one day.

It’s true, I’ve done it.

And I swear, as God as my witness, I will do it again. I mean, have you ever tasted anything so perfect? Crunchy, sweet, cinnamon-ey, yum.

P.S. Don’t tell Aaron. He thinks its a bad habit. Pffff…what does he know about these things.

Quote of the Day:

“Your company is very trustable.”

-Anonymous customer

Confession: I sing to my cats.

Yes, that’s my confession. I sing to our four cats all the time. I SWEAR they like it and respond by laying on their backs and wiggling around.  I switch it up between self-composed masterpieces:  “Hey little kitties get running, run fast!” and modifications of existing songs: “Hot cat in the city!” (Sung to “Hot Child in the City”, obviously).

It’s a really good thing there is a lot of yard separating us and the neighbors.
I blame it on my dad. He’s always singing little made up songs, and it has been lovingly passed on to me. Thankfully Aaron loves my singing voice, or at least loves me enough to lie to me…

Sing on!