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Quote of the Day:

“You know it man! I live on the edge! THE VITAMIN EDGE!”

– Me, discussing vitamins on Twitter


Why Is It So Important to Be Perfect?

(I wrote this a few months ago for another blog I have that I don’t keep up with anymore. I like it though so I’m re-posting it here.)

Why is your happiness based on perfection? What is the point? What will it obtain for you?

Perfection doesn’t exist. We live in an imperfect world. Just because you think you know what perfection looks like does not mean it exists.

I am a perfectionist. I beat myself up sometimes about “not doing it perfect”. It’s this voice in my head. Not a “I need medication due to the voices” kind of voice. It’s the negative voice that I’ve been learning many people have.

The voice that tells me I failed, that I can’t do something, that I didn’t do it right, that I could be better, that it’s not good enough, that people will hate what I do, that I can never succeed.

The bitter voice of perfection.

I’ve learning a good technique to deal with the VOP. Ask it why.

“You failed”


“Because I said so. You didn’t do it perfect. It could have been done so much better.”

“Why is that so important?”

“Um..well..because it is important to do your best!”

“But I did it to the best of my ability, isn’t that my best? Why isn’t that good enough?”

“Um…I..uh..because it’s not perfect.”

“But it got done, and after all, why is it so important? What exactly will perfection obtain for me?”


“I already have that!”


“That too.”


“Yeah, thats what I thought.”

I have this conversation with myself every time the VOP comes up. It always seems to go nowhere, which highlights just how pointless chasing perfection is. Perfection will not bring you happiness because it will always be impossible, and because the whole point of perfection is being PERFECT. So you will always “fail”.

Hard work is good. Doing your best is good. Just keep it reasonable, ya know?

It’s hard for me to publish this post, because it’s not “perfect”. But I’m posting it anyways, to prove a point to myself and anyone reading this.

Are you ignoring what you have succeeded at by focusing on what you didn’t do perfectly? So what do you think perfection will obtain for you? Are you avoiding something because you can’t do it perfectly?


Daily Photo


Originally uploaded by Princess Magpie

This is one of my favorite pictures from our ReSale Shop Prom this year. Please take notice of Aaron’s glasses, which are actually mine. The reason I point this out is because later in the night he managed to pop one of the lenses out without realizing it, and it got stepped on a million times. In about half of the pictures you can see it missing, but he was a little to, um, impaired to notice.

All is forgiven though, since he got me a Panera bagel this morning.

Daily Photo

NINJA!, originally uploaded by Princess Magpie.

This is Ninja. And this is probably my favorite picture of him ever.

Life Update: 8-20-09

Life has been pretty crazy at the Magpie/Aaron household lately. We are hosting the “afterparty” for the bachelor and bachelorette parties for friends of ours this weekend, then the wedding is next week. Aaron is the best man and has just had the realization he is going to be speaking in front of 196 people in one week. So needless to say I will be listening to a lot of practice runs this week!
I finally got my sd card emptied to my flickr account. There was 3 years of pictures on it. I feel cleansed. Check them out if you’d like!

Now it’s off to the weekend. I probably will not be posting (not that I regularly post anyways – fail) due to the large amount of work required to make the house presentable.

Have a good weekend!


Quote of the Day:

Today I feel like everyone is dumb.”

– Me

‘Cause it’s true!

Confession: Holey pants!

Look out, this one’s a little racy!

When I do work around the house, i like to wear a pair of jeans that has a rather large hole on the passenger side butt cheek. They’re better than the ones with the holes in the knees because i can kneel on things. But i still get the benefit of natural pants-conditioning.

Pants-conditioning. Like air-conditioning, but for pants!