Confession: Last night I ironed my pajamas.

Here’s the thing. I HATE HATE HATE ironing. With a passion (obviously). I have this logic that my clothes are going to get wrinkly anyways, so what’s the point? Unfortunately I also have some logic that says a basket is the natural environment for clean laundry.

So last night I decided to just get it over with and iron the 6 shirts Aaron and I have that should be ironed. But here’s the thing, once I started I COULDN’T STOP. I’m serious people! I ironed skirts, shirts, pants, and maybe one or two cats. Then in my fervor I spotted two pairs of Old Navy cotton pj pants, and I just could not help myself.

What have I become? What’s next? Will I start ironing my money*?

*Someone who shall remain un-named will probably hit me for that.
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