Tuesday Link Party: Geeky Roundup

OK! Here we go with the Tuesday Link Party.

1. 5 Creepy Ways Video Games Are Trying To Get You Addicted from Cracked.com

2. Buy some dinosaur poop. Because you know you want to.

3. The Cost of Video Game Addiction from Kotaku.com Crazy/Sad to see his downward spiral

4. Cocktail Cost Calculator! I love this! Although learning my long island on Saturday only cost $1.28 kinda bums me out! I paid $7. Ha!

5. Lazer T*ts.  Just because. Sorta NSFW.

6. Makes me wish I liked bananas.

7.To Game or Not To Game? From Inherits Awesome. Good Question! Jefferson’s first of what I’m sure will be many well written posts to come.

Hope you enjoyed my slightly geeky Link Party 🙂

❤ Magpie

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