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Oh hai!

I’ve been really lazy about posting, I know. Life has been great but busy. I promise to update again soon!


Week In Pictures: 4-7-10

Well, this is a bit more than a week, but here we go!

This is what I call a pre-party.

Gratuitous Charles shot.

This is my friend Dan. This was right after he shaved his head for St. Baldrick’s. He raised over $600! He is pretend angry about losing his long hair though.

What I woke up to on Saturday, which was my BIRTHDAY!!

The rest of my birthday present. A yoga mat bag, a cake, and flowers. AK is just the best, isn’t he?

Aaron participating in one of his favorite activities. Please note my margarita, it was delicious!

Don’t I look lovely in my moustache? More to come on this.

And thats it! This was my week in pictures!


Great Idea of the Day:

“You and me, a camera, thunderstorms, and lotsa smokes. We would go between being really angry ‘fuckin’ storm, such a pussy, what a shitty tornado’ to being super scared, ‘aaahhhh! we’re gonna dieeeeee’  “

-My idea for a reality show.