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Quote of the Day: Retarded

“Like Forrest Gump! He was a retard and he could jog. That means you can too.”

My (possibly misguided)  words of encouragement to Allie.



Yesterday Aaron and I decided it was time to finally get rid of the wallpaper in the main bathroom. Why the previous owners declined to paint any wall in the entire house  leaving them the lovely builder off-white, but chose to wallpaper both bathrooms is beyond me.

Anyways, it had finally gotten to the point where the paper was curling at all the seams, so we decided to just get the painful process over with.  The good news is it was actually really easy, and frankly quite enjoyable. It was like peeling one big scab, or sunburn, without any of the accompanying pain!

So now at this point we have got all the paper and backing down. The next step is to wash the walls to get any leftover glue off. Followed by priming, then painting. I have a color in mind, but since its technically Aaron’s bathroom he has final say.  He told me he needs a few days to think it over and is going to get back to me. I’m ready to paint right NAOW, but he needs two or three days to mentally prepare and be okay with his decision.   I guess that illustrates one of our fundamental differences!

Before and after pictures soon to follow!