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The Truth on: How I feel about male strippers.

When I get scared, I tend to run.  When it comes to fight or flight,   I am a flight girl all the way.

For example, if I smell peanut butter I run away.

or if i see a spider.

or a scary commercial comes on.

(Sidenote: Screw you M. Night, and your stupid Devil movie!)

Now I have one thought on male strippers.

They are gross and scary.

Well, I have more than one though. But that’s the main one.

If I ever saw a stripper in real life, I’m pretty sure the flight response would come into play.  I would take one look at the gyrating hips and run right the hell out of the front door.

I’ve learned over the years that going to see male strippers is seen as a “female bonding” thing. I once worked with a woman who took her daughter to see male strippers on her 18th birthday and treated it like some sort of rite of passage. She was so excited to FINALLY share strippers with her daughter. Ech.

(Sidenote: This was a co-worker at Fashion Bug, no further explanation needed.)

I’m not sure how that bonds females. Although I don’t know that I’ve ever participated in any kind of female bonding type activity. Maybe I’m not the one to decide it’s not a bonding experience?

I’ve never done cocktail night with “my bitches”.  I’ve never painted the town red with “my laides”. I mean, I’ve gone out with friends and they all happened to be female and we ordered pizza and beer.  But its not like they pulled up in a white minivan in front of my apartment, blasting “Mambo Number 5!” an d started screaming “Ladies Night!!!” over and over.

(Sidenote again:  I witnessed this once. I’m scarred for life.)

Maybe someone can explain this stripper thing to me? Because I just don’t get  it.


Quote of the Day: Friendship Team

“I’ve made a lot of cuts to my friendship team in the past year”

-my friend Billy.

Sometimes you just have to cull the herd.