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Confession: I have a problem.

I have this huge problem. Every year at this time. February to March is a very hard time in my life. And its all due to one evil, evil thing.


I just can’t stop!


Confession: Holey pants!

Look out, this one’s a little racy!

When I do work around the house, i like to wear a pair of jeans that has a rather large hole on the passenger side butt cheek. They’re better than the ones with the holes in the knees because i can kneel on things. But i still get the benefit of natural pants-conditioning.

Pants-conditioning. Like air-conditioning, but for pants!

Confession: As much as I like tenting…

As much as I like tenting…it was really nice to be able to sleep in a huge trailer during 3 hour thunderstorms!
Don’t worry, I am not giving up tenting just yet!


Confession: Last night I ironed my pajamas.

Here’s the thing. I HATE HATE HATE ironing. With a passion (obviously). I have this logic that my clothes are going to get wrinkly anyways, so what’s the point? Unfortunately I also have some logic that says a basket is the natural environment for clean laundry.

So last night I decided to just get it over with and iron the 6 shirts Aaron and I have that should be ironed. But here’s the thing, once I started I COULDN’T STOP. I’m serious people! I ironed skirts, shirts, pants, and maybe one or two cats. Then in my fervor I spotted two pairs of Old Navy cotton pj pants, and I just could not help myself.

What have I become? What’s next? Will I start ironing my money*?

*Someone who shall remain un-named will probably hit me for that.

Confessions: I can eat an entire box of cinnamon graham crackers in one day.

It’s true, I’ve done it.

And I swear, as God as my witness, I will do it again. I mean, have you ever tasted anything so perfect? Crunchy, sweet, cinnamon-ey, yum.

P.S. Don’t tell Aaron. He thinks its a bad habit. Pffff…what does he know about these things.

Confession: I sing to my cats.

Yes, that’s my confession. I sing to our four cats all the time. I SWEAR they like it and respond by laying on their backs and wiggling around.  I switch it up between self-composed masterpieces:  “Hey little kitties get running, run fast!” and modifications of existing songs: “Hot cat in the city!” (Sung to “Hot Child in the City”, obviously).

It’s a really good thing there is a lot of yard separating us and the neighbors.
I blame it on my dad. He’s always singing little made up songs, and it has been lovingly passed on to me. Thankfully Aaron loves my singing voice, or at least loves me enough to lie to me…

Sing on!


Confessions: I have 2 checking accounts and 9 savings accounts

This is getting serious.

I have 11(!) checking/savings accounts. More specifically, I have 2 checking accounts, and 9 savings accounts. Whoa.

I think I have a problem. But let me explain!

2 Checking Accounts

Each week money for bills is pulled from the main checking to the second checking. Everything is auto-deducted from there. Whats left is our spending and food money.

2 savings accounts with local banks.

I like knowing I can get some money immediately if needed. No two day wait like the internet banks.

5 online bank accounts, all with ING.

They are for separate things.  I don’t know about you but if I have a lump sum of $3,000, I am all like “lets throw a party!! I have plenty of money!! Whats 500 bucks?”. But what if that $3,000 is split across 3 accounts that are designated for certain things like: insurance deductibles, vet bills, auto repairs? It’s a lot harder to spend.

Also as I mentioned earlier, it takes 2 days to get the money transferred in, so it cuts down on impulse spending.

2 Health Savings Accounts

One for each of us. If you have high deductible insurance, than you should really have an HSA. I’m not going to go into the details, but it’s a really good idea for you to google it. Or go to your bank’s website.

In addition to these, I have my own separate online brokerage account.  Just to play around and learn though. I’m not quite ready to start investing heavily.

So thats the breakdown.  I like to call myself a financial wizard/dork.

❤ P.Magpie

Dorkiest Wizard EVAH!