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Things I am looking forward to.

Here is a list of things I am currently looking forward to:

1.My birthday.

My birthday is a little over a month away. Which means its time to start celebrating. It is a written rule that I get to celebrate the month leading up to AND the month after. Where is this written you ask? Well on a piece of paper I found on the floor. So there!

2. Warm(er) Weather

Today on the radio I heard “Do You Feel Like We Do” on the radio. It reminded me of summer and of being 16 and drunk and under the influence of the weed and sitting in a friends driveway. I feel like I need to host  a driveway party this summer. Although last summer we had a roof party, and we sat and drank up there while watching Allie run through the cornfield.  As anyone who has ever ran from the cops through a cornfield can tell you, that shit cuts you up. Allie didn’t believe me at the time, but uh, the cuts all over her body the next day kinda changed her stance  on that one.

I also need to work on my plan to convince AK we need a pool. I’m not asking for anything huge, just a $300 one from Walmart. All I need is that and a blender and I’m good for the summer.

3. Warmer Mornings

I’m hoping to get back in the running habit again. Its already hard enough to coax myself out of bed at 5:45 in the morning without adding snow to the mix.  My not quite awake/lazy self takes every opportunity to convince the responsible self that going outside is a bad idea. “No, look, its snowing! We can’t run in that! Are you crazy! Cars will hit us! Slide out of control! CHAOS! DEATH! DESTRUCTION!”. Even if its not snowing my lazy self will be all like “It LOOKS cold outside. We shouldn’t go! CHAOS! DEATH! DESTRUCTION!”.  Lazy self you are about to get a wakeup call. Well at least until you start up with the “but its so MUGGY! We can’t run in MUGGY! CHAOS! DEATH! DESTRUCTION!”.

4.  St. Patricks Day

I will not be going out for St. Patty’s. See ’cause I’m old and shit. I mean, if it was on a weekend I’d be all in. But a Thursday? No thanks.  I AM however looking forward to wearing green and green eyeshadow and green bouncy headband thingies. You know me I can’t pass up an opportunity to dress up.

5. April

I am excited for April because besides my birthday weekend, we have nothing really big planned. All the weekends are open. However I DO know that within the next 2-3 weeks the entire month will be full, I’m trying to savor the openness now. Living in the moment, maybe? How very zen.

6. Makeup School

I’m attending a makeup school in April to become a “certified” makeup artist.  For one week.  I’m hoping to learn a lot, but also it will look good to future clients that I went to school.  I’m both anxious and excited about it at the same time. I described the feeling to one friend like this: “…I’m going to start crying and falling over but laughing at the same time and maybe poop my pants.”

With love,

Princess  “Poop My Pants” Magpie



Yesterday Aaron and I decided it was time to finally get rid of the wallpaper in the main bathroom. Why the previous owners declined to paint any wall in the entire house  leaving them the lovely builder off-white, but chose to wallpaper both bathrooms is beyond me.

Anyways, it had finally gotten to the point where the paper was curling at all the seams, so we decided to just get the painful process over with.  The good news is it was actually really easy, and frankly quite enjoyable. It was like peeling one big scab, or sunburn, without any of the accompanying pain!

So now at this point we have got all the paper and backing down. The next step is to wash the walls to get any leftover glue off. Followed by priming, then painting. I have a color in mind, but since its technically Aaron’s bathroom he has final say.  He told me he needs a few days to think it over and is going to get back to me. I’m ready to paint right NAOW, but he needs two or three days to mentally prepare and be okay with his decision.   I guess that illustrates one of our fundamental differences!

Before and after pictures soon to follow!


Life Update: 9-17-09

Quote of the week: “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” ~Gandhi (via

If I had to pick a theme for the past week it would be forgiveness. Or maybe letting go. I like that quote because it highlights the fact that forgiveness/letting go is not easy. It is a really difficult process.  It requires patience and time and a lot of self analyzing.

Other than that, life is good! We are so busy, like always. It’s my own doing though. We have something scheduled every weekend until October 24th!  I may get stressed about it every once in a while, but I truly love keeping busy.

This weekend we are having a big party. For the first time ever we have no theme for the party. In fact, the name of the party is “The First Ever No-Theme party”.  Our friends’ band Boomjuice will be filming the party to use in their upcoming music video. I’m pretty excited about it! I’m hoping to memorialize my sweet dance moves forever on film.

Aaron and I have been having lots of deep meaningfuly talks lately. I’m so thankful to be with him every day! He is the only person I’ve ever known who understands me so well.  We have our bumps in the road but I feel like we are finally to a point where we are able to work through anything. We are finally on the same path, at the same speed, holding hands, and maybe skipping a little? More on this later!

Alright, that’s all I have for now! Have a happy weekend!


Party Animal

Life Update: 8-20-09

Life has been pretty crazy at the Magpie/Aaron household lately. We are hosting the “afterparty” for the bachelor and bachelorette parties for friends of ours this weekend, then the wedding is next week. Aaron is the best man and has just had the realization he is going to be speaking in front of 196 people in one week. So needless to say I will be listening to a lot of practice runs this week!
I finally got my sd card emptied to my flickr account. There was 3 years of pictures on it. I feel cleansed. Check them out if you’d like!

Now it’s off to the weekend. I probably will not be posting (not that I regularly post anyways – fail) due to the large amount of work required to make the house presentable.

Have a good weekend!