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Quote of the Day: Cheese

“That’s how I know Aaron is the perfect man.

He gives cheese the respect it deserves.”


This is true love.


Quote of the Day: Married Life

“Who said anything about not liking creepy messages? I mean,  I don’t think I’m even friends with anyone that doesn’t enjoy a good creeping-out every once in a while.  Jeez I’m married to the world champion of giving creepy looks for pete’s sake!”


Proof that love conquers all.

Quote of the Day: Friendship Team

“I’ve made a lot of cuts to my friendship team in the past year”

-my friend Billy.

Sometimes you just have to cull the herd.

Quote of the Day: Balls

“I can’t wait to see how low my balls will go


that’s why I wear boxers”

-Tattoo Mike, on how we all will get saggy with age.

Quote of the Day: Retarded

“Like Forrest Gump! He was a retard and he could jog. That means you can too.”

My (possibly misguided)  words of encouragement to Allie.

Quote of the Day:

“Oh man car gremlins are the worst. They get under your car and just start ripping apart wires because they’re pretty colors. Very difficult to deal with”

-Allie, making my crazy day a bit better.

Quote of the Day:


-my friend, on twitter. I read this and spit coffee on my paperwork. THANKS ALLIE!!